Picturesque Interiors

The growth in interest in covering walls not only with colour, but also with the art of illustration on wallpaper can be explained by the fact that anything that truly personalises a space is getting a lot of attention these days. Sometimes colour is enough, but when you want something more special, wall illustration really makes a statement and compliments your space with a certain wow factor.
Think of wallpaper illustrations as an opportunity to spread the art from wall to wall and also add depth to the space.
Anna Gruden is an architect, set designer, film-maker and interior designer who combines all these skills to create picturesque interiors. She is characterised by her ability to incorporate contemporary artworks with great flair and boldness, by collaborating with artists, reproducing their artworks on wallpaper and using them to create stunning wallpapers. As soon as I first saw Anna's beautiful interiors, I wanted to work with her and now that wish has come true.
Here you can see the first interiors that we have completed with my work.
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