World Fairytales

My job was to add 25 illustrations and 109 vignettes to 109 fairy tales and produce a book that would be attractive to both children and grown ups. I used a metal comb on paper to create an abstract landscape from black and white rasters, in which I saw the motifs of the individual stories. I defined the structure of these abstract rasters and wove the motif of each individual illustration using the same black and white lines.
About the Heathens (Kashubian Fairytale)
Blue Scarf (Estonian Fairytale)
Bones of Dzulung (Fairytales from the Pacific Islands)
Devil with Wings  (Avstrijska pravljica)
Dragon Awaken from the Winter Sleep (Chinese Fairytale)
Dream Catching (Indian Fairytale)
Fairytale about a Little Pig (Romanian Fairytale)
Happiness and the Golden Duck (Karelian Fairytale)
Jake and the Bean Stem (English Fairytale)
Keep Your Secrets (Ghanaian Fairytale)
Mermaids (Ukrainian Fairytale)
Moon Girl (Brasilian Fairytale)
Nuri Hadig, Pomegranate Applegirl (Armenian Fairytale)
Peter Runs away from Death (Serbian Fairytale)
Prince Goes Hunting Bears (Finnish Fairytale)
Stavoren's Lady (Dutch Fairytale)
Tentelina Girl and the Wolves (Macedonian Fairytale)
The Gates of the Winds (Eskimo Fairytale from the Asian Arctic)
The Little Swine Sheppard (Hungarian Fairytale)
The Silent Princess  (Turkish Fairytale)
The Wise Rabbit (Cambodian Fairytale)
Three Spinner Women (Provençal Fairytale)
Twelve Months (Polish Fairytale)
Blue Scarf (Estonian Fairytale)