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Peach pit

SKU: Peach pit

Technique: Original Archival Print
Author: Alenka Sottler
Title: Peach Pit
Size: 122mm x 98mm/ 4.8” x 3.9”
Paper: Innova Fine Art Soft Textured Natural White (IFA 12) 315m/m2
Original Archive Print: Open Edition
Year of origin: 2023
Alenka Sottler about her work: THE PEACH PIT is a small lucky gift from Alenka Sottler's studio with a unique seal and signature of the artist. It is an archival print of a vignette from Svetlana Makarovič's fairy tale "Peach Pit" from the anthology Svetlana's Fairy Tales, published by MIŠ 2008, which begins as follows: "A little bear found a beautiful red peach, Hop! after it. And when he ate it, a stone stuck between his teeth. He took it in his paw and looked at it. What would he do with it? He thought it a pity to throw it away, and he couldn't eat it, But the little bear said, "In seven years, everything will be alright. And he buried the stone in a clearing in the woods - he trod the earth over it nicely, and covered it with rushes to keep it from being dug up, Then he went to pick blackberries and forgot all about it."
Svetlana Makarovič

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