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Technique : Classic etching
Author: Alenka Sottler
Title: Acorn
Size: 165mm x 165mm
1st publication: 80/80
Year of origin: 2018

ALENKA SOTTLER about her work:

˝Acorn˝ of the oak is, after the ˝Peacock˝, the second vignette from the book World Fairy Tales, that I transmitted to the graphic panel, etched and printed. With the Acorn I managed to transfer my unique drawing technique into the graphic. Additional particularity of this graphic are the edges of the matrix, that I have round-shaped. They remind on tree trunk rings, this makes the etching look natural and organic. Aligned to it is the shape of the pass-partue that frames this wonderful small graphic, that you'll get in the neat handmade folder. The oak tree, the national tree of many countries, primarily symbolizes strength and endurance. Other qualities associated with the oak tree include protection, success and stability.

PRICE: 72€ Includes passe-partout, folder, shipping costs