Contemporary Dance Macabre M
  • Contemporary Dance Macabre M
  • Contemporary Dance Macabre M
  • Contemporary Dance Macabre M
  • Contemporary Dance Macabre M

Contemporary Dance Macabre M


Technique: ARCHIVAL PRINT     

Original size: 1025mm x 300mm
Size of the archival print: 70cm x 21cm

PAPER: Hahnlmuehle Photo,Matt fibre, 200g/mg

Publication: 60 

Date of creation:  September 10th 2018

Alenka Sottler about her work: This is one of the last works from the cycle of illustrations on the subject of economics, with which I had documented the economic crisis of 2009. It talks about equality and justice. I was inspired by the book by English philosopher Alain de Botton, STATUS ANXIETY, who, among other things, talks about how people in the past have been reconciled with the status of their social rank. Today, in the modern world, we want to achieve all the justice still during our lifetime. Otherwise we feel like losers and we are therefore constantly upset. I think that people hadn't been completely reconciled with their status also in the past but have delegated the need for equality and justice to life after death, that is also referred to in the motive of a dance macabre, which has emerged already in the medieval european art. Today, after hundreds of years, we are returning to the issues of equality and justice in the modern world. With an illustration on which I created dancing skeletons from barcodes, I have updated this old motive as well as the questions that it addresses to us nowadays.
The original size of this art installation is 1025mm x 300mm. A smaller version is available in the online gallery. For a larger one, which costs € 320, please contact the author directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shipped worldwide from Sottler Art Store, EU